Border Collies at Stone Axe Farm

When our flock of sheep expanded to the point of being too numerous to manage with a bucket of feed, one of our customers recommended we get a Border Collie to assist.  We purchased our first Border Collie, a fully trained female called Tess.  Martha discovered she could replace using Bill as an assistant sheep handler with an enthusiastic partner that didn't complain about the heat or talk back!  After taking a few lessons and attending some clinics to learn how to effectively use a Border Collie, a new passion was born.  Martha now handles all the sheep chores with one of her dogs.  She can examine and treat 30 ewes for parasites or vaccinations in just a few minutes with the able assistance of a well trained dog.  

Working with the dogs has become a hobby for Martha, she takes them to sheep dog competitions all over the country.  Below are some of her favorite photographs of her co-workers.