"Thor", one of our Flock Sires.  Purchased from Philip Glass, he's a Maverick son imported from Australia as an embryo.   A few of his daughters are available now. 

A few ewes and Lambs like these available now!

Sample Only

When you purchase breeding stock from Stone Axe Farm, you are selecting from high quality genetics and benefiting from our efforts to maintain the highest standards.  Our flock has been inspected by experts like Pieter van Schalkwyk and Theuns Botha,  licensed inspectors and judges from South Africa; and Ron Guenther, a founding guide for the breed here in the United States. 

Many of our foundation breeding stock have been officially classified as Type 5, the highest breeding quality designated for breeding Dorper sheep. 

We currently have about 15 good ewes for sale.  From Fullblood to percentage, we can help you upgrade your commercial or registered flock.. Contact us for information.

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Healthy Lambs!

We offer percentage, purebred, and fullblood registered sheep.  Prices range from $200 to $500, based on quality, age, and breeding status. 

Shedding is an important attribute in our sheep!

None of our breeding sheep have to be sheared!  We have selected ewes for conformation, temperament, and correct hair cover.

Not for sale, he's gentle, a good beeder, and easy to manage.  He's a keeper! 


Our home bred purebred ram.  He is the product of a type 5 ewe we raised here on the farm, and a type 5 ram we purchased.  He has consistently produced beautiful ewe lambs, some of which will be available in January, 2016

Dorper Sheep for Sale