Dorper Sheep for Sale

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We are currently sold out, but will have some like these available in January 2015:

Our goal is to maintain a core flock of superior Dorper ewes with excellent meat characteristics.  From the flock we sell breeding quality animals to help other folks start or improve their own flock.  We currently have about 30 fullblood, purebred, and percentage registered ewes. 

When you purchase breeding stock from Stone Axe Farm, you are selecting from the highest quality genetics and benefiting from our efforts to maintain the highest standards.

In September, 2011, Pieter van Schalkwyk, a licensed inspector and judge from South Africa did the latest inspection of our flock.  He was very helpful in reviewing our breeding goals and selecting core traits to focus on.  We were particularly pleased when he determined the ram “Atlas” was worthy of a type 5 evaluation.  We kept several good ewes sired by him. 

In September 2010, noted Dorper expert, Ron Guenther, went through the flock, helping Martha evaluate ram lambs and review the breeding direction.  We found his opinion more valuable than hauling pampered, overfed sheep to competitions.  He has always been generous with his advice, and it was exciting to be able to show him how we’ve applied his guidance through the years.

In August of  2008, Theuns Botha, also a licensed inspector from South Africa, reviewed the flock.  Of the 20 ewes inspected, 7 were awarded a type 5 (highest) classification and 10 were awarded type 4.  All but one of the ewes were our own breeding, and one of the type 5s was a 5th generation ewe bred up from one of our original crossbred Dorper x Barbado ewes.


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