Border Collies at Stone Axe Farm

Working Border Collies

We went for years just using a bucket of feed to move the sheep, but when someone suggested a Border Collie would simplify the chores, we had no idea just how much easier dealing with the sheep could be.  Bill was happy to give over the job of penning and sorting to the dog! 

Learning to operate the dogs led to another hobby, Sheep Dog Trialing.  We still have the original farm dog, Tess, but have added a more skilled expert, Tim, and are bringing along a young female, Cy. 

2012 is off to a good start with Tim very likely headed for the National Finals in Klamath Falls Oregon.  He was the Shallow Creek Trial Open Champion in San Antonio on April 22, 2012.  He won the championship in a head to head work off with the top three scoring dogs of the trial. 

2011 Sheep Dog Trials

Tim had an excellent 2011 season, and was only 3 points shy of qualifying for the Open Division at the national Finals.  He had good wins in New Mexico and won a tough class at a trial in Fredericksburg, Texas.  In late October.  We’re looking forward to the 2012 trails.      


In September of 2007 Martha and Tess debuted in the Ranch Division at the Permian Basin Fair in Odessa, Texas.  They won the division championship by having the combined high score.

A big Thank You to Linda May for these action photos!


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In September 2009, Tim had his opportunity to shine at the Permian Basin Fair.  He scored 84.5 (out of 90) in his second nursery class run, working Boer goats! 

Tim fetches the goats to Martha.

He brings them in a nice straight line to the pen.

Despite the reluctance of the goats, Tim puts them in the pen!

At the 2007 Texas State Finals

The State finals were run at Big Lake, Texas on November 16 - 18.  Tess had qualified to run in the Ranch Division by competing in at least 5 trials.  In the first Ranch Division go-round, she was 3rd of 26 entries, 7th in the second go, and her combined scores earned her a 6th place over-all.  The sheep were particularly tough, in each go-round nearly half the dogs were disqualified for gripping the sheep.

Martha was quite proud of Tess, she proved she could run with the big dogs!