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Current Dorper Sheep Available:

We have a few nice bred ewes available, as well as nice ewe lambs from inspected type 4 and 5 ewes.

Examples are shown below, call or email for complete list: 

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Our goal is to maintain a core flock of superior Dorper ewes with excellent meat characteristics.  From the flock we sell breeding quality animals to help other folks start or improve their own flock.  We currently have about 50 fullblood, purebred, and percentage registered ewes. 

We seek out the best rams we can find to continue to improve the genetic potential of the flock.  Any animal we are not proud to sell goes into our commercial pool and helps to pay the feed bills. 

Our flock is enrolled in the voluntary scrapie program.  We've been working on establishing the "R" gene in the flock and we now have a few QR animals for sale.  The "R" gene provides resistance to most forms of the scrapie disease. 

On August 27th 2008, we had our flock inspected by Theuns Botha, a licensed inspector from South Africa.  Of the 20 ewes we had inspected, 7 were awarded a type 5 (highest) classification and 10 were awarded type 4.  All but one of the ewes were our own breeding, and one of the type 5s was a 5th generation ewe bred up from one of our original crossbred Dorper x Barbado ewes.