Painted Desert Sheep

San Angelo, Texas

Registered sheep for Sale

Stone Axe Farm has been actively breeding and raising registered Sheep since January 2000.  We believe in maintaining a core flock of superior ewes with excellent breed characteristics.  From the flock we occasionally sell breeding quality animals to help other folks start or improve their own flock.  We purchase the best rams we can find that meet our breeding goals.

After raising Dorper sheep for nearly 20 years, we have recently added a small group of Painted Desert Sheep to our flock.  While the breed is primarily aimed at producing trophy quality horned sheep, we were drawn to it for color and easy management.  They are thrifty and due to a finer bone structure, they lamb easily.   While they are not as docile as the Dorpers, they are proving to be a little less management intensive, making them appropriate as we age! 

Bill & Martha Howell 

7422 FM 380 

San Angelo, Texas 76905       


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